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IF Metall (The Industrial and Metalworkers’ Union) is the largest trade union within the private industry in Sweden. IF Metall organizes about 80 percent or 320.000 blue collar workers in around 11.600 workplaces in a variety of sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, steel, mechanical engineering, mining, chemical, building material, plastic, textile and garment.

IF Metall was founded in 2006 by a merger between the Swedish Industrial Workers’ Union (Industrifacket) and the Swedish Metalworkers' Union (Metall). Its roots traces back to 1888.

IF Metall has 37 branches, 1.700 local trade unions and 4.600 workplaces with shop stewards. In all IF Metall has more than 32.000 local trade union activists.
IF Metall has signed 43 national Collective Agreements with national employers federations.
The Congress with 300 delegates assembling every third year is the highest decision making body. In between the Congresses the Executive Board (13 members out of 17 work in production in various companies) is the highest decision making body.
IF Metall works to form a strong democratic society and a working life that is built on equality. The fight against unemployment and for every individual’s right to a job with decent working conditions is crucial for the members of the union. Employment security, decent working conditions including a good and fair wage and a safe working environment are also important demands from the members. IF Metall fights for a society built on justice and where trade unions and their members have a say.

The Swedish model, which is based on Collective Agreements, co-determination and collaboration between the social partners has been crucial for both the development of the Swedish welfare state and the development of a strong competitive industry.

IF Metall has since it was founded realized that work on the labour market is not enough to be able to protect the interest of the members and fight for development of working and living conditions. Therefore IF Metall has a long standing relation and cooperation with the Swedish Social Democratic party were the union tries to make an influence in the interest of its members.
The aerospace sector is mainly consisting of two producing companies, Saab AB and GKN. Those companies employs approximately 4.500 workers together, but then other areas within defense sector is as well included.

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